canon by Timothy Sherlock

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  • In The Wood

    This original song is about the hidden creatures that live at night in the wood. The first verse melody is then performed as a canon before the choir sings two short part song ideas about the owl and the wolf. With its funky piano accompaniment, this song is sure to get your young choir excited about part singing! “Beware of all who might be watching you at night, in the wood!”

    SA,canon,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • The Steeple Tower

    A whimsical song featuring a melody entirely based on the whole tone scale! The piano accompaniment helps to anchor the tonality in spite of the whole tone feel.  Once the main melody is sung, it is simply presented again in canon creating an interesting choral moment in your programme.

    High School Choir Songs,canon,whole tone scale | $55 Sheet Music