Choral Music by Timothy Sherlock

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  • In The Wood

    This original song is about the hidden creatures that live at night in the wood. The first verse melody is then performed as a canon before the choir sings two short part song ideas about the owl and the wolf. With its funky piano accompaniment, this song is sure to get your young choir excited about part singing! “Beware of all who might be watching you at night, in the wood!”

    SA,canon,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • Jasmine Flower

    Timothy Sherlock has arranged this popular 18th century Chinese folk song for SATB choir and piano. Perfect for choirs wishing to challenge themselves by singing in a foreign language, Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) features a simple pentatonic melody and canon form. Relatively simple partwork make this a great choice for mixed community choirs.

    SATB,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • Joy

    Another beautiful poem by American early-20th century poet, Sara Teasdale, is set here for unaccompanied SSAA women’s chorus. Timothy Sherlock’s trademark dissonance takes centre stage and skilled choirs will enjoy the challenge of telling this story of ecstatic love. A stunning choral work.

    SSAA | $55 Sheet Music
  • Kyrie Eleison

    Timothy Sherlock’s contemporary setting of this sacred text is a perfect choice for high school and community choirs looking for accessible art music repertoire. In ternary form, this piece is both a quick learn and an impressive work to perform.

    SATB,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • Lament

    With a romantic text by 19th century French poet, Théophile Gautier, Lament is a sophisticated choral work for SATB choir (with divisi). With its lilting compound metre and sumptuous impressionist harmonies, this piece is sure to become a favourite repertoire item with skilled choirs. A lush and evocative piece, with much expressive potential.

    SATB,divisi | $55 Sheet Music
  • Little Swallow

    This charming Chinese folk song has been set with optional Chinese text for those primary choirs wanting the challenge of singing in another language. With a pentatonic main melody and a diatonic harmony part, choir directors can choose the tone set they want their singers to use. Accompanied by piano with a charming flute part.

    Primary School Songs,2-part,flute,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • Panis Angelicus

    César Franck’s immortal song, Heavenly Bread, in a new arrangement, where the male voices are the star of the show! Perfect for developing high school and community choirs searching for repertoire catering for the SSAB balance. A lovely choice for women’s chorus with guest baritone soloist, too!

    SAB,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • Peace

    With a text by American early-20th century poet, Sara Teasdale, Peace has an uplifting feeling of serenity. Luscious 3-part harmonies are supported by the pop ballad style accompaniment. A great repertoire choice for skilled SSA choirs looking for a pop-classical cross-over item in their repertoire.

    SSA,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • Salve Regina

    This Latin setting of the Marian prayer, Hail Holy Queen, is a great choice for skilled SSA choirs wishing to perform contemporary, sacred, art music repertoire. With a style and harmonic sense reflective of the a cappella choral works of Poulenc, this is a fresh, accessible and contemporary work that is sure to impress both your singers and their audiences.

    SSA,a cappella,Latin,sacred | $55 Sheet Music
  • Sanctus

    An evocative setting of the Sanctus text for SATB choir and piano. Choirs have enjoyed the crystalline harmonies and meditative mood of the work – perfect for a reflective moment in your concert programme. Strings, harp and suspended cymbal parts available upon request.

    SATB,sacred | $55 Sheet Music
  • Sea Litanies

    A challenging work for female chorus, SSA divisi (SSAA), Sea Litanies features gorgeous harmonic shifts, changing moods and a stream-of-consciousness text. Skilled choirs searching for something beautiful and different will love Sea Litanies.

    SSAA | $55 Sheet Music
  • Searchlights

    Searchlights was commissioned by the Townsville chapter of the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA) for the 2015 Festival of the Voice. When searching for a suitable text to provide to festival composer, Timothy Sherlock, the chapter committee came across this remarkable radio transcript which forms part of the heritage resources curated at the Jezzine Barracks, Townsville. The text comes from a 1942 radio transcript of two ABC journalists, Dudley Leggett and Chester Wilmot, providing live commentary as Japanese planes flew over Townsville. Townsville, an important military base, was raided by Japanese Kawanishi H8K1 “Emily” flying boats operating from Rabaul on four occasions in late July of 1942. On the night of the 25th of July, the town was attacked by two flying boats but did not suffer any damage as the bombs dropped by these aircraft fell into the sea. The transcript text taken from the radio broadcast on this night is as follows:

    The sky is criss-crossed with searchlights, a most magnificent sight. The plane is held in the light absolutely dead above us. And it’s heading out now westward right above the town. The searchlights are holding it absolutely, perfectly in all beams and from all sides, and at the moment, I can see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve… more than a dozen searchlights.

    Composed for mixed choir, piano accompaniment, cello and handchimes, this setting of the 1942 wartime radio transcript portrays the chilling beauty of the searchlights focused on the mysterious danger suspended above the town.

    SAB,cello,handchimes,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • Snowflake Symphony

    A whimsical original song featuring canon, echo, repetition and so many opportunities for expressive singing! Starting with a unison melody, this piece builds into a three-part ode to the snowflake. “One of a kind, each one made of the perfect design, crystals chiming in time to make this Snowflake Symphony!” Orchestral backing track available.

    Primary School Songs | $55 Sheet Music
  • So Let Us Sing!

    Commissioned for the 2017 Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) ChoralFest, this inspirational work for SAB choir features a legato verse and refrain providing young singers with the opportunity to sing full phrases in legato style. After the second refrain, the piece moves into a gospel-style call and response section giving opportunities for small group or soloists to be featured. Building to a strong gospel ending, So Let Us Sing! is a perfect selection for speech and award nights, graduation services and choral concerts of all kinds. Optional drum kit and string bass parts, available.

    Primary School Songs,optional 3-part treble chorus,optional string bass | $55 Sheet Music
  • The Birch Tree

    This arrangement of the Russian folk song features unison and two-part canon singing – perfect for young choirs. With its charming piano accompaniment and optional flute part (easily played by a student flautist), this piece is great for the development of soft singing in the treble range. The “lu-li” refrain evokes the sound of the wind through the trees – the piece finishes with the singers swaying like the trees in the forest as they make whooshing wind noises – an effective and dramatic ending to this poignant arrangement.

    Primary School Songs,2-part,flute,piano accompaniment | $55 Sheet Music
  • The Nightingale Call

    This piece started life as a three part canon for equal voices and has now been transformed into an SSA art song for choir and piano. Over the centuries, the nightingale’s alluring call has been the subject of poems, songs and folk tales. In this treatment, the singers become nightingales singing a repeated birdcall under an Impressionistic piano accompaniment. With so much scope for expression and possibilities for adding a nightingale whistle, this piece is sure to enchant your singers and audiences.

    High School Choir Songs | $55 Sheet Music