SSAA by Timothy Sherlock

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  • Joy

    Another beautiful poem by American early-20th century poet, Sara Teasdale, is set here for unaccompanied SSAA women’s chorus. Timothy Sherlock’s trademark dissonance takes centre stage and skilled choirs will enjoy the challenge of telling this story of ecstatic love. A stunning choral work.

    SSAA | $55 Sheet Music
  • Sea Litanies

    A challenging work for female chorus, SSA divisi (SSAA), Sea Litanies features gorgeous harmonic shifts, changing moods and a stream-of-consciousness text. Skilled choirs searching for something beautiful and different will love Sea Litanies.

    SSAA | $55 Sheet Music
  • The Swan

    With a text by American poet, Mary Oliver, The Swan is a haunting piece for unaccompanied mixed chorus exploring the theme of how the experience of beauty can touch us on a profound level: “And did you feel it, in your heart, how it pertained to everything? And have you finally figured out what beauty is for? And has it changed your life?” Skilled choirs will enjoy the dissonance and gentle nuances in this piece – a contemporary Australian choral gem. SSAB arrangement also available.

    SSAA | $55 Sheet Music