Primary School Songs by Timothy Sherlock

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  • To Stop The Train (In Cases Of Emergency)

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the Royal Association of Railway Conductors would now like to present an important public safety announcement!” Have some fun with your choir as they sing this arrangement of the popular folk song, featuring unison singing and two-part and three-part canon. Rising key changes, vamping accompaniment part and some effective body percussion all add to the drama. An easy piece to learn with an impressive part-work outcome. All aboard!

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  • We Are The Future

    Commissioned by the Queensland chapter of the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA) for the 2016 National Conference, this inspirational song celebrates that special synergy between learners and educators: I am: the student, the learner, the beginner, the seeker of knowledge; You are: the teacher, the mentor, the nurturer, the facilitator of knowledge, the sharer of wisdom; We are: the shared future, the coming together of generations, the cycle of knowledge, the passing of wisdom. With flexible voicing possibilities (SAB, SA or unison), this song is sure to be a favourite choice for graduation ceremonies and other commemorations. Includes a handchime part (2 octaves).

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  • Windy Days and Rainy Days

    A whimsical song about the reasons children love windy days and rainy days! Charming unison melody in the verses, followed by a simple two-part exchange describing the sounds of the windy day versus the rainy day. Perfect for young treble choirs.

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